Unique Fashion Concept Store Dubai – UAE

What we do

The cARTel is a unique Concept Showroom & Select Store in Dubai, UAE, which embodies a gallery of wearable art.The Space represents a Platform to showcase and sell the works of carefully curated designers from around the world, providing alternative and five-sensed concept based shopping experiences.In addition to being a boutique with cutting edge collections in Dubai, the cARTel executes conceptual fashion shoots, creative campaigns and fashion films directed by Creative Director Peter Richweisz, including award winning ‘Alchemy’ and his recent ‘Too many doors to oneself’ which featured signature cARTel apparel.  The space is located in the heart of the art district of Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai, a combination of rugged industrial warehouses, high end art galleries, international interior design shops, just to mention a few genres.  Being located in the heart of the booming art scene, it is our mission to nurture talents in art and avant-garde fashion from across the globe and offer them a dynamic platform to exchange inspiration and share their individual works of art with the voguish auedience in the egion BOOMING ART SCENE IN DUBAI, OUR MISSION IS TO NURTURE TALENTS IN ART AND AVANT-GARDE FASHION FROM ACROSS THE GLOBE AND OFFER THEM A DYNAMIC PLATFORM TO EXCHANGE INSPIRATION AND SHARE THEIR INDIVIDUAL WORKS OF ART WITH THE VOGUISH AUDIENCE IN THE REGION.