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0770 is a contemporary fashion brand made in Italy. The two designers who are behind this name are Enzo Pirozzi and Irene De Caprio. The creative duo started collaborating in 2003, when they still studying, one at the Academy of costume and fashion, (Rome), and the other at the Institute of Photography and integrated communication, (Rome). Coming from different stories intertwine theirbackground complementing . Enzo, with a history in the family's tailor, has a passion for fabrics, attention to detail and volumes. Irene, coming from a family devoted to aerospace, brings a love of technology. Both lovers of art, music, theater and cinema fuse their know-how and their love into their creations. The creative path that takes to the realization of a collection is always different but the common denominators: the study of the tribe of style and the emotional and psychological impact of art. Their creations are made with the most advanced technologies but always refined and assembled by hand, getting digital handcraft. The production of their prototypes is basic math. The high tech vision does not overlook the importance of ethics and materials with low environmental impact, such as vegetable tanned leathers and all exclusively made in Italy. The mood of the brand is strong, sometimes futuristic contemporary, in any case, flirty at 'north European avantgarde. The frequent use of monochromatic associated geometries, asymmetries and sought volumes to create a strong and fascinating visual impact. The concept of 0770 is to create clothes and accessories that have added value uniqueness. The continuous research creates an endless possibility of change. The fashion of 0770 is understood not as "disposable" but more as an object of desire.The woman who opts for 0770 is not wearing a simply creation but chooses to live it, is a cosmopolitan person, is contemporary, fascinated by its uniqueness and cradled in its essence.