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With her 2009 final project from the Danish School of Design, Anne Sofie took the Danish fashion press by storm and proved that Danish Design has an international appeal. Anne Sofie Madsen graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, and in 2010 she established her own practice. After being invited to show at London Fashion Week's Vauxhall Fashion Scout Show in February 2010, Anne Sofie Madsen presented her S/S12 capsule collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week in August. The collection combined Anne Sofie Madsen's couture look with a commercial approach, which sees both made-to-measure and ready-to-wear styles, reflecting the designer's time at the Parisian trend forecaster Peclers and since at the house of John Galliano. Before graduating from the Danish School of Design, Anne Sofie Madsen was appointed junior designer at the House of Alexander McQueen in London. During Copenhagen Fashion Week in August Anne Sofie Madsen presented her first show in Denmark. The show manifested the transition from creating purely 'made to measure' collections, to combining them with more wearable ready to wear pieces. Drawing is an essential part of Anne Sofie’s work and as well as managing her fashion brand, she works as an illustrator. Her work has been published in different magazines, and this year she will have two books published.Drawn by the point where fashion replaces the body with something abstract – an idea or ideal instead of an organism. Anne Sofie Madsen’s designs are built on contrasts and ambivalence. The woman has to be both inviting and out of reach. She is streetwise and ladylike, boyish and feminine at the same time. Resulting in designs that straddle between fanciful fun and a serious intricacy of detail. “I like to challenge and push the boundaries for everyday wear and at the same time it is really important to me that the garments are in their own way functional and wearable. It’s not about garments for princesses in a fantasy world, but I do wish to bring magic into reality and preciousness into fashion”.